WIKILEAKS REVEAL: Clinton campaign talked assassination days before Scalia death


A Clinton campaign email released today by WikiLeaks provides a chilling detail that could completely change the election. Three days before the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Clinton campaign chair John Podesta talked about “wetworks,” a term for covert assassination. Conspiracy theorists have long contended Justice Scalia died under suspicious circumstances and may have been assassinated.

In an email dated February 9th, Podesta references “wetworks,” while another person answers the email by talking of having a “bad nite…we all need to buckle up and double down.” No context is given for the emails, and some may dismiss it as mere jokes, but it is a hell of a coincidence. And it seems unfortunate coincidences follow the Clintons around.

Here is the email excerpt in question:

Scalia assassination


The Clinton campaign has not yet commented on this email, and neither has Podesta. While it may be a stretch to think the Clintons would have Scalia killed, even their supporters would admit that their unbridled ambition certainly puts this in the realm of possibility.

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