Wolf Blitzer Busted A CNN Reporter For FAKE NEWS live on the air (AWKWARD VIDEO)

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If you think CNN is ignoring all of those conservatives calling them “fake news,” think again. All that criticism seems to have hit a nerve, if you consider the actions of Wolf Blitzer, who took the extraordinary step of calling out a CNN reporter for getting a story.

On Friday, Blitzer was discussing the resignation of Reince Priebus with several CNN reporters and contributors, including Gloria Borger, who had reported earlier that her sources in the White House told her that Priebus’ job was safe.

Blitzer seemed irritated that CNN had gotten the wrong story, and called her out on it, citing her bad sources. Borger initially tried to laugh it off, but Blitzer continued to hammer the point home. He didn’t seem satisfied until Borger’s professionalism was called into question.

Wolf Blitzer has cause to drive home that point, even at the expense of Borger’s reputation. As the lead political anchor for CNN, Blitzer is the face of CNN journalism. As the network’s torchbearer of sorts, it is up to him to ensure the network at least appears to be impartial. Not an easy task as CNN goes all-in on Trump hysteria.

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In a dialogue with Gloria Borger, Blitzer told the veteran White House reporter that sources who told her that former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus would not be fired on Friday “are not good sources.”

“You’ve got to be careful with those sources down the road,” Blitzer advised Borger in a tense exchange.

“Either they don’t know what they’re talking about, or they’re lying. So those sources presumably will go away,” he continued, adding in the dig: “That’s my experience as a reporter.”

Blitzer offered his critique after Borger said that she had received “pushback” from White House insiders who said that Priebus was not in imminent danger of being fired.

Here’s the video of the very awkward exchange.

Wolf Blitzer, it seems, is in no mood to be the whipping boy for CNN’s fake news accusations. Even if that means throwing a fellow CNN colleague under the bus.


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