Woman gets death threats for wearing “America was never great” hat to work


^ This woman by no means doesn’t deserve death threats, but what she did was idiotic on a couple of levels. First, by wearing the hat to work, and then for thinking the hat’s message has any validity to it.

From the New York Times:

A Staten Island woman who supports Senator Bernie Sanders said she received death threats after photos of her wearing a cap with the message “America Was Never Great” were posted widely on social media.

The woman, Krystal Lake, 22, said Thursday that she had ordered the custom-made hat online with the phrase, a play on the slogan “Make America Great Again,” popularized by the campaign of Donald J. Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Ms. Lake said she had gotten tired of hearing Mr. Trump’s slogan from his supporters and thought America “was never great.” She said that Mr. Trump’s slogan did not make room for bigger aspirations beyond the past and that he was dismissive of groups that did not fit his ideal demographic.

Given that people of all stripes support Trump’s campaign that last sentence makes no sense. Furthermore Ms. Lake is more than welcome to move to any third world country, or areas of the world that are emerging into the third-world, like Europe. She can see what it’s like to live in places where people don’t have any rights whatsoever, or reliable sources of food and water…much less the ability to order custom embroidered hats off of the internet that say how terrible America is.

Lake explains herself in this video, it’s as eloquent and well-reasoned as you would imagine…

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