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Nicole Harper, a Kansas City woman, was forced to pee in a cup at her seat on a United Airlines flight…and she claims that this wasn’t even the worst part.

The incident supposedly happened on April 9th, the same day that 69-year-old David Dao was forced off a United flight that was overbooked. Harper said that the flight attendants refused to let her get out of her seat and use the bathroom, despite her bladder disorder.

“After explaining that I have an overactive bladder and would either need to use the restroom or pee in a cup, I was handed a cup by flight attendants,” Harper said.

“You would think peeing in a cup on an airplane in front of my family and strangers would be the worst part of this story. But the way I was treated by flight attendants afterwards was worse,” Harper wrote in her Facebook Post on May 6th.

“…the way I was treated by the flight attendants afterwards was worse. They were absolutely horrible to use the rest of the flight! And to top it all off, once on our final descent… a gentlemen got up from first class (yes the seat belt sign was on, and the plane was flipping tilted) walked right by a smiling flight attendant and entered the bathroom. What!?!?!”

The attendants also supposedly “shamed her,” by saying that they would be filing a report, and that she would have to speak to the pilot after landing. They also told her that they would be calling a hazmat team to clean her entire row of seats afterwards, despite Harper insisting that there was no mess involved.

She tried reaching the customer service department, to no avail, she says.

“Once we landed and got settled, I understandably submitted a complaint. After several weeks of no response, I called to talk with customer service, seeking at the very least an apology.”

“After multiple attempts of resolving the issue, all I have been given is the run around. You can’t even call and speak with a customer service representative unless they ‘accept your call.’ The employees that field the calls work for the reservations department… I asked to speak with customer service several times and was told repetitively this was not an option.”

After her story aired on the local news station Kansas City Television 5, however, she says that she got a call from an executive customer service representative almost immediately. She said in a Facebook post just 19 hours ago:

“United Airlines lied about reaching out to me, I attempted to reach them multiple times over the past 2 weeks and was repetitively told customer service would not take my call. They also lied about the incident happening during the descent… this all happened mid flight, while flight attendants were providing drink service. It is ironic, however that I did get a call from an executive customer service representative at United Airlines as soon as my stories aired.”

She attributes this to social media and local news picking up on the story, creating enormous bad publicity for United Airlines. Her, and many others, have vowed to never ride United Airlines again, even getting the hashtags #UnitedJourney and #BanUnited trending.

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