Women Caught in Miami-Dade County Voter Fraud – SERIOUS CHARGES!

Officials in Florida and Virginia filed voter fraud charges against three people.  Apparently all were unrelated cases. This just happened on Friday, when we were just 11 days before Americans cast their votes in this  hotly contested presidential race.

The charges targeted a Florida woman,  and a Virginia man. One was accused of filing bogus voter registration forms, and the Florida woman was alleged to have tampered with absentee ballots she was opening at the Miami-Dade Elections Department.

In the Iowa capital of Des Moines, county election officials referred three cases of suspected voter fraud to police earlier this week, leading to one arrest on Thursday, October 27,2016 police said.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has charged in recent weeks that the election will be rigged in favor of Democrat Hillary Clinton. The proof for these accusations? The veritas videos which uncovered people paid by DNC to comit voter fraud.

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle in Florida said that 74-year-old Gladys Coego had been working as an absentee ballot opener when a supervisor allegedly saw her changing ballots that had been left blank to support a mayoral candidate. Prosecutors said that Coego admitted to marking the ballots and was charged with two felony counts of marking or designating the ballot of another.

Tomika Curgil, 33, was charged with five felony counts of submitting false voter registration information for allegedly handing in forms filled out by fictitious voters while working on a voter-registration drive for a medical marijuana advocacy group.

A Virginia man was also charged with submitting falsified forms while working for a voter-registration campaign, state prosecutors said.


Vafalay Massaquoi, 30, was arraigned on two felony counts of forging a public record and two counts of voter registration fraud. An Alexandria Police Department spokeswoman said Mr. Massaquoi worked for New Virginia Majority, a progressive nonprofit that works with people of color, women, youth and the gay communities. Gee I wonder who he was  fraudulently voting for.


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