Robocop is now REAL, and one country wants 1 in 4 police officers to be robots sooner than you’d think! (VIDEO)


The United Arab Emirates has unveiled what it deems to be a step in the direction of being a leading in “smart cities” technology by debuting what is being deemed the worlds first Robocop.

Per the report below the nation is planning to make robots a quarter of its police force by 2030. That may seem like a long way off, but to put this in perspective 13 years ago we didn’t even have smart phones.

From the the Mirror:

The “world’s first operational Robocop” has been unveiled in Dubai as part of the emirate’s planned robot police force.

Robocop started work on Sunday and is already making a name for itself.

At 5ft 5in tall and weighing 100kg, it can speak six languages and is designed to read facial expressions.

It had an easy start to working life, being unveiled at the three-day long Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference.

So what exactly is the REAL Robocop going to do? According to the Mirror report this kinder and gentler Robocop will be more or an assistance in public settings such as malls (So more of an artificial version of Paul Blart). However, it does have the ability to actually enforce the law.

The machine has a built-in tablet so people can use it pay fines or report crimes, and can also transmit and receive messages from police headquarters.

Check out the video below.

To be completely honest this is kind of weird to me.  I get paying a fine, but dispensing justice is another story. It doesn’t look all that agile so I don’t think hot pursuit is going to be in it’s repertoire.

I don’t know, I guess I was expecting a killer cyborg…baby steps.

What I really want to know is did the creators make sure to program in the “implicit bias” liberals love to tell us everyone has, especially cops.

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