WTF: White House watched on drone feed as Woods and Doherty were killed in Benghazi

This is what it means to be a liberal/leftist/progressive/Democrat in todays society. Basically the only requirement is that you be how totally morally bankrupt. Yesterday Hillary Clinton crows that it is time to move on from Benghazi even as we learn what liars they have been and how they basically allowed Americans to die so they could win an election.

From Breitbart:

The chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi told reporters Tuesday that the White House, State Department and Pentagon were watching when a single mortar strike killed CIA contract security officers Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, as the two former Navy SEALS where defending the CIA’s Benghazi annex…

“I know the drone was in place at the time of the mortar attacks,” said . “I do not know the degree of granularity and particularity of the drone video footage.”

Gowdy, who was visibly shaken by the gravitas of his words, said when he spoke to family members of the four men killed at Benghazi, they ask him a different set of questions than the ones reporters ask him.

“When you meet with the families privately,” he said. “There are incredible personal questions. While these are ‘four fellow Americans’ to us, they are sons and husbands and brothers to people we talked to in the very beginning and the last group that I talked to – the questions are very, very different.”

Gowdy said, “Even though it is not in the report, I am also happy that we were able to answer some of the intimate questions that were asked by the families.”

They (Obama, Hillary, the Democrats) lied about this being about some obscure video, they sat on their hands and refused to give the order to mobilize the military to back them up, they debated whether or not to wear uniforms, and the WATCHED Woods and Doherty die.

But what difference at this point does it make? Right

The only thing the must be feeling guilty of forgetting the popcorn.

Whatever you may feel about Trump and whatever reservations you may have about voting for him…I understand, but it is beyond unconscionable to allow Hillary Clinton to be our President and the Commander-in-Chief of our military.

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