YIKES: Yahoo Finance Tweets Out the Word N*gger!

“We deleted a spelling error. We apologize for the mistake.”Yahoo apologizes for Tweeting a racist tweet. Yahoo accidentally sent out a racist yahoo tweet. They used the N-Word.

Just when you thought The Washington Post Express won the award for the biggest mess-up of the month, Yahoo Finance came like a wrecking ball to crash the party. The Yahoo Finance Twitter account on Thursday quickly deleted a post that accidentally included the N-word.

In the post — which many of the account’s more than 718,000 followers took a screenshot of before it was taken down — the financial news website stated with a link:  “Trump wants a much bigger Navy. Here’s how much it will cost.” Problem is, they didn’t type “bigger.” While tweeting a link to a story on President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to enlarge America’s navy, Yahoo misspelled bigger with an “n.” Yikes! Talk about an error which could have terrible repercussions. No one thinks of Yahoo as racist but a tweet like that could really hurt the company.

The account later posted another tweet, in which the finance section apologized for the error. “We deleted an earlier tweet due to a spelling error. We apologize for the mistake,” according to the account. Unfortunately once upload a post even if you delete that post; it doesn’t mean it’s deleted for ever.

The racial slur gained more than 1,000 re-tweets before being deleted, almost one hour after it was shared.

 The account published an apology shortly after, saying it was a “mistake” oh my. I think Yahoo needs to invest in some spellchecking tools. This should never happen especially by a large media outlet such as Yahoo.
The racist tweet seemed to be taken in stride and a fella even created a n*gger navy twitter account. I guess he got a good laugh at Yahoo Finances expense.


What do you think about this racist Yahoo tweet? Big embarrassment or no big deal? Leave your comments below.



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