You won’t believe James Comey’s reaction to his firing

James Comey

After hearing how former FBI Director James Comey reacted to his firing, you might almost feel bad for the guy. Almost.

Despite years of faithful service to this country in the FBI, Comey made himself a liability with his mishandling of numerous investigations. Even Trump himself could not overlook Comey’s mistakes with the Clinton email scandal, which ultimately damaged Hillary’s campaign and boosted his own chances.

Comey should look at it this way: had Hillary Clinton been elected president, he would have been out of a job long ago. And possibly dead.

As we all know, President Donald Trump fired Comey Tuesday afternoon in a letter delivered via email as well as by hand to FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C.  Comey, however, was in Los Angeles, and learned about his firing by watching a news report on TV.

According to a report in The New York Times, however, the situation was even more brutal than that.

The Daily Caller reports.

Former FBI director Jim Comey thought his firing was a practical joke.

Comey was speaking to FBI employees at the agency’s Los Angeles office when TV screens in the background flashed on with the news that Comey had been fired by Trump, multiple sources have reported. Comey responded by laughing and said he thought it was a funny prank, according to The New York Times.

His employees then pulled him aside, and shortly afterwards President Trump’s letter informing Comey of his firing was delivered to the FBI’s DC office, the Times reported.

“While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the bureau. It is essential that we find new leadership for the F.B.I. that restores public trust and confidence in its vital law enforcement mission,” Trump said in his letter to Comey. “You are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately.”

In a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said that Comey’s mishandling of the Clinton email investigation warranted his firing.

Afterward, news reports showed Comey leaving Los Angeles in a jet. He has released no other statement since news of his firing was made public.

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