‘YOU’RE GONNA GET LOCKED UP!’ Laura Loomer Confronts James Comey at His Book Signing (VIDEO)

James Comey

Conservative journalist Laura Loomer may be the only journalist so far to confront former FBI Director James Comey on his misdeeds. Doing so got her thrown out of a New York City Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

Loomer, a self-described citizen journalist, is known for her willingness to confront notables with no fear, asking the questions no one else will. In recent months, she confronted Hillary Clinton and Sheriff Scott Israel, and her latest confrontation was caught on video.

Comey has given a series of friendly interviews to adoring members of the media in recent days, and has been rarely confronted on his actions. It is surprising, considering many Democrats blame him for Hillary Clinton losing the presidential election. Since they see Comey as a means to attack the Trump presidency, however, he is getting a pass from the liberal left.

At his very first book signing Wednesday evening, at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in New York City, Comey was about to answer pre-selected questions from the audience when Loomer stood up and confronted him about his handling of the Trump dossier that was funded by the Democratic party.

As you can see in the video, Loomer interrupted his talk and confronted him directly, causing many in the audience to get angry. After Comey refused to answer her question about members of Congress asking for an investigation and prosecution of his actions, security intervened and threw her out.

“You’re going to be prosecuted. You’re going to be locked up,” Loomer said as security led her away. Comey’s supporters in the audience can be heard cheering and applauding her removal, while yelling at her.

Here is the video Loomer released, showing multiple angles of her confrontation.

Here is another angle, showing Comey trying his best not to react.

Comey did not address Loomer’s questions, and went on with the signing.

Loomer herself made a great point today on the incident, pointing out the hypocrisy of the crowd that cheered for Comey at the signing.

Loomer’s website, Illuminate Media, can be visited by clicking here.

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