YouTube About to Delete InfoWars Channel, Alex Jones Claims – WATCH HIS VIDEO

Infowars channel

Alex Jones says YouTube is on the verge of deleting his InfoWars channel after getting “three strikes” for offensive content. He claims the deletion will come as early as today.

The announcement comes as advertisers demand to be removed from his videos, claiming they are spreading lies and hate. InfoWars has millions of followers and its videos have been viewed billions of times.

YouTube insists they have no plans to delete the InfoWars channel, although the video sharing site has been aggressive in censoring his content in light of the Parkland school shooting.

In anticipation of being shut down, InfoWars has even created a second YouTube channel, Infowars Censored (click here to visit it).

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The Daily Mail reports.

Advertisers have demanded to be taken off Infowars founder Alex Jones’ YouTube channel, but he claims that the video-sharing website is trying to delete his content altogether.

‘The Alex Jones channel with billions of views is frozen. We have been told it will be deleted tomorrow and all 33 thousands videos will be erased. We just set up this new page subscribe if you want to see what the SPLC wants censored..,’ Jones tweeted Saturday evening.

The new YouTube channel Jones was referring to is called Infowars Censored. As of Sunday morning, nine videos had been posted on that account.

Though the conspiracy theorist believes that Sunday is the day when his YouTube channel, which boasts has 2.2 million subscribers, will be deleted, YouTube has ‘no plans’ to delete the account ‘at present’.

YouTube told CBS that they had not told Jones that his account would be deleted.

According to the video-sharing site, that’s not how they operate.

As YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki explained last month, YouTube ‘has a three-strike rule’.

‘If somebody violates three times then we actually terminate those accounts,’ she said at the time.

Jones, who once called the Sandy Hook shooting a hoax, reportedly has two strikes against him.

His second strike came shortly after he took aim at the survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting that left 17 dead after gunman Nikolas Cruz opened fire at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last month.

Jones posted a video in February with the headline ‘David Hogg Can’t Remember His Lines’.

Here is video posted Saturday in which Jones outlines YouTube’s plans.

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