YouTube Begins Massive New Censorship Protocol – The Death of Internet Freedom is Here

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YouTube has just rolled out a new set of censorship rules, meant to stop conservative and anti-Muslim news from going viral online.

Founded in 2005, this global video-sharing behemoth is ranked the number two website in the entire world—and while the mainstream media is undeniably liberal, most of YouTube’s following has actually taken an unexpected turn. With celebrities such as Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, and Lauren Southern, we’ve seen a growing movement of conservative viewers online.

YouTube is arguably the world’s largest video platform, with millions of Americans getting their daily news from conservative channels such as The Rebel Media, Info Wars, and Fox. So when this media giant decides to start censoring what it deems “offensive,” it’s time to take note. This is happening right under our noses—not in communist China, not in socialist North Korea, but right here, in the United States.

Church Militant reports:

SAN BRUNO, Calif. ( – YouTube and other internet technology companies are rolling out new procedures to stop “controversial religious content” from publishing on its site.

Announced on their blog Tuesday, YouTube has created a “limited state” where videos can be placed that will prevent them from getting attention. Videos placed there will be ones that are not illegal but have been flagged by users as potentially containing hate speech.

YouTube then reviews the videos, and if they are found to contain “controversial religious or supremacist content,” they will be placed behind an interstitial, where it won’t be recommended or monetized and will not have comments, likes or suggested videos.

While this may sound like something out of a George Orwell novel, the gargantuan media platform will begin implementing these changes immediately. Many are concerned about the one-sided nature of this censorship, arguing that it’s only stopping the spread of conservative-leaning videos.

Furthermore, YouTube is actually a subsidiary of Google, which is a subsidiary of Alphabet Corporation. This means that one company effectively has control over 90% of the internet’s search engine traffic, and video content—and while many conservatives are outraged, demanding that YouTube stop the implementation of their new censorship rules immediately, the multi-billion dollar company shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

The media giant is claiming that they’re only censoring videos that encourage “terrorism,” but many find this ironic considering that Islam is the largest producer of terrorism in the entire world. Jihad Watch has been particularly damaged by these new censorship laws, and it’s expected that many other conservative news outlets will be hurt even more.

To enact this new crackdown on anti-Muslim videos, YouTube has partnered with several extremely left-leaning organizations, such as the “No Hate Speech Movement,” which is a thinly disguised veil for revoking our first amendment rights, and the Anti-Defamation League.

YouTube claims to be working with several groups including the No Hate Speech Movement and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue to identify content that is “being used to radicalize and recruit extremists.”

YouTube is also planning to use “cutting-edge machine learning technology” that they boast is “faster and more effective.” They claim, “Over 75 percent of the videos we’ve removed for violent extremism over the past month were taken down before receiving a single human flag.”

While YouTube claims that they’re removing videos which promote white supremacy and violence, many believe that this new protocol is simply another attempt at censoring conservatives. In response to this unprecedented move on YouTube’s part, other conservative video sharing platforms have emerged, such as LBRY, a decentralized, digital library, controlled by the people.

And while it may be unclear what YouTube’s nefarious intentions are with this new update, one thing is certain—this may be the death of internet freedom as we know it.

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