YouTube Unleashes New Orwellian Censorship Program – CONSERVATIVES NEED TO READ THIS

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Ever since Donald Trump won the election of 2016, the far Left has been pushing back against the people of America. They realize that, with the world wide web, the truth is spreading at a rate never before seen.

…and this terrifies them. Leftists keep their power by keeping civilians in the dark, and when you have access to any information at the touch of a keyboard and the few clicks of a mouse, it’s pretty hard to keep the people uninformed.

That’s why Google and YouTube (both owned by Alphabet Corporation) have been cracking down on conservatives all across the nation. While this may seem like a trivial matter, it is not—mark my words, nobody is safe. If we the people don’t stop this dead in its tracks, there will be a civil war very soon down the road.

Google already began censoring anti-Hillary searches in the election of 2016, but due to the strong-willed people of America, the truth still got out. Now, they’re demonetizing conservative YouTube channels, meaning they are no longer being paid advertising revenue when people watch their videos. This move is making it effectively impossible for outlets such as Info Wars, Lauren Southern, Pamela Geller, and other Trump-supporting channels to make a living.

While many are claiming that Google is a private company and thus can do what they want, others disagree. Google has a massive monopoly on the internet—they own over 90% of all search engine traffic, which means they control 90% of the digital information.

Google is practically a public utility at this point. Civilians need Google in 2017 like office workers needed blackberries in the 90’s and like doctors needed pagers in the 80’s—we can’t have a massive, multi-billion dollar global conglomerate simply refusing to do business with people because they’re conservative.

The YouTube censorship of Trump supporters is a blatant act of rebellion against the American people. The global elites are absolutely terrified that we’re starting to wake up, and they realize that YouTube and Google have been largely responsible for this awakening—so they’re trying to shut them down.

Again, I cannot emphasize this enough: we must stop this now, otherwise we will end up looking like Communist China in the next 5 years. Millions have already written contacted YouTube via their Twitter page, expressing their outrage. Some are worried that it won’t be enough to stop YouTube censorship, however.

Washington Times reports:

Two of President Trump’s most ardent supporters, the YouTube stars known as Diamond and Silk, say a financial stranglehold has been placed on their videos.

Lynnette Hardway and Rochelle Richardson of North Carolina, whose support of Mr. Trump and no-nonsense delivery during the 2016 U.S. presidential season turned them into online sensations, said Thursday their YouTube videos have become casualties of the company’s attempt to silence “extremism.”

“@YouTube @TeamYouTube stopped over 95% percent of our videos from being monetized, stating: ‘It’s Not Suitable For All Advertisers,’” the two said in a series of tweets. “Wonder if @YouTube @TeamYouTube stopped the monetization of our videos because we are loyal supporters of the @POTUS. Hummmm. Sounds like Censorship to us, which is a Violation of our First Amendment. A Bias Method used to Silence our Conservative Voices. @YouTube, how was it OK to monetize our videos for the past two years and now those same videos are no longer eligible for monetization?”

The popular duo, who were also paid $1,275 for “field consulting” work by the Trump campaign, boast 89,000 subscribers on YouTube and another 361,000 on Twitter.

News of the largely demonetized channel comes less than two weeks since the company announced plans to fight inappropriate content.

Although rumors have spread of the duo suing YouTube for their violation of our first amendment rights, many don’t believe that a lawsuit will fix this deeply embedded problem. Some of the more proactive conservatives have even created free decentralized video networks, such as LBRY, so that liberals can’t censor them.

Whether YouTube eventually caves to conservative pressure, or conservatives create an entirely new network of video sharing remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain. We must act while we still can, otherwise, in the not so distant future, big brother will be watching our every move.

Please share this article to raise awareness of the YouTube censorship of conservatives. This needs to go mainstream. Thank you and God bless.

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