ZERO CLASS: Crybaby Anti-Trump Protesters Target Church and Hospital

Trump protest

Mobs continue to riot across the country to protest the legal and democratic election of Donald Trump to the Presidency. Now, they are targeting churches and hospitals with their anger.

In Minnesota, protesters blocked an entrance to a hospital, preventing people in an emergency from getting immediate medical attention. In a tweet sent out by @The_NewRight, a picture was included of people participating in an anti-Trump protest blocking a highway exit to the hospital.

In Dallas, an anti-Trump protest went further than previous rallies. Up until Saturday night, Trump protesters limited themselves to historic Dealey Plaza and the surrounding area. On Saturday night, however, they went to a new level, targeting innocent people with their anger. Their initial gathering at Klyde Warren Park near downtown interrupted a public showing of a children’s film, where families were subjected to obscene signage being held by the Trump protesters. Police made the protest move, but the mob already had another target in mind. Protest organizers had plans to march from the downtown park to the famous First Baptist Church of Dallas, located a few blocks away.

Protesters were angry at First Baptist Church of Dallas because pastor Robert Jeffress was an early supporter of Donald Trump and helped promote him to the evangelical community during the primaries. Protesters blame Jeffress for helping to elect Trump, so the mob marched and gathered outside the church courtyard and fountain, chanting that the church was endorsing hate.

This report from Fox affiliate KDFW in Dallas outlines the protests nationwide and the protest to First Baptist Church.

Protests are planned to continue nationwide, as crybaby liberals and privileged millennials just cannot get over it.

Trump Crybabies: You do not represent the MAJORITY. You are not only embarrassing yourselves, you are laughing stock of the planet. Even other countries are laughing at you.

YOU LOST. Suck it up, grow up and get a life!


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